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Everything you need is already inside you.

Now it's time to uncover it.

Psychotherapie für Erwachsene

There are times in life when you feel down, worried and insecure. In the beginning you probably tried to find solutions to these problems yourself and tried different things. If you have the feeling that these attempts at a solution often fail and that your situation does not improve, I would be happy to offer you my help in throwing a different perspective on your life situation. Whatever your needs, I would like to offer you my support to work with you to identify those needs and enable you to achieve your personal and individual goals. 

The therapeutic sessions I offer you are a process of growth and self-knowledge. In our shared sessions , we will promote the behavioral changes you desire by encouraging a positive perspective and the acceptance of new attitudes and responses.

I would be happy to explain the therapy techniques that we will use in our sessions in an initial consultation. These include acceptance and commitment therapy and systemic therapy approaches.


Psychotherapy ? Yes ! But how ?

As a psychotherapist, it is important to me to empathetically listen to you and create a safe and supportive context in which you can freely express yourself.


Therefore, I place great importance on respecting your individuality and offering personalized treatment.

I believe that achieving change in someone's life is a process that requires time, patience, and trust. I am convinced that every person is capable of changing their life in a positive direction and leading a fulfilling life. That's why I enjoy working with you to solve problems and help you achieve your goals.


Furthermore, it is important to me to support you in developing more awareness and acceptance of your thoughts and emotions. The goal is for the client to learn to distance themselves from negative thought patterns in order to increase their ability to take action and improve their quality of life.


Together, we will identify and focus on your values and goals. In doing so, you will learn to accept inevitable thoughts and emotions and still act in accordance with your values and goals.

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